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2 years ago


My wife Lynne and I have always in her sex with another man to talk about sex. Lynne is 41yrs size 14 long brown hair and a nice pair of firm breasts 36DD. For months the debate over who is doing what, where fuel our love to one day Lynne said during sex that she wants to give this a go. I have my cock could not contain his excitement at the thought of my wife with another man sexy in front of me. the past few weeks we saw a variety of profiles to find a suitable man, which is not local, we're in this for the good, but close enough to come to our meeting. Lynne wanted a sports guy 20 years - 30yrs (The younger lover ) with short black hair and looks. He liked the idea of ​​a younger lover, who have thrilled him freepornvideos most experianced was a woman. We found a guy named Peter (not real name ), all crieria, Lynne wanted that feature. We exchanged a few e- mails and photos and discuss what we all were looking for freepornvideos and freepornvideos eventualland came with a date and venue for a meeting. My birthday was coming soon and Lynne thought to combine a celebration of my birthday with something special. We arranged a room in a hotel 20 miles from where we live and hosted a dinner for 3 in the hotel for Saturday night, what would a good opportunity for us all, in what would be our first contact with the swing freepornvideos designed for relaxation. When the day came when Lynne and I love like never before to freepornvideos talk about what Peter Wil toLynne result made ​​me so hot and humid as well. I freepornvideos used the large 10-inch vibrator in her love hole to stretch freepornvideos and prepare for freepornvideos the feeling of another cock on my own. The day came and freepornvideos we packed up and went to a hotel suite and took possession of our master bedroom suite. Lynne ran a bath, washed and shaved love hole in the preparation of her new lover. My cock was so hard and stressful to prepare their bodies do know that within hours another mI was going to get rid of her and her way with her. We had in a suit she loves her lingerie deal and I love her so beautiful in its soft MM She placed a white silk thong and a white top with no bra to get her nipples through the silk. She wore a white belt and black silk stock drawings suspecder events helped fix his belt. A beautiful silk slip and lace stockings under her skirt black coat and a white silk blouse. That was it with a spray of perfume my dick Trickers always ended the shit ! But today, freepornvideos I expect. Lynne introduced to the room where you can always move your body in the division opened her skirt to show her white silk and lace underwear. She put on her heels and walked into the bar Leviathane we agreed to meet Peter. Sute enough, Peter was dressed in the bar after the first urgent rathre was clever and a handsome boy around 23 years of age. Lynne took my hand and said, God is a bit of order ones we approach. The first introductions were more rapidly and soon we sat at dinner a combination of small talk and flirting as Lynne Pter and side to side. What I was not aware of it, but later found out was that Lynne opened her skirt as she sat in Peter's hand and freepornvideos could not stop fiddling with his silk thong and rubbed through. Whay asked smiling away! spent a lot of wine and dinner, we ended glass and defended me to our room and take advantage of the bar there. In our room, freepornvideos we all went Pter and Lynne were obviously still very well done, as they laughed and giggled as we walked to our room. Of course, such as rubbing your hand over your gorgeous ass through the fabric of her skirt. We have entered the room and I made ​​us all a drink Lynne and Peter sat on the edge of the bed and opened her skirt showing her panties, Peter's eyes seemed
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